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Tribute to Dick Kajugira

At COBATI, we are mourning the untimely death of Dick Kajugira. Dick was a profound and esteemed partner in the COBATI Homestead Tourism program. He was among Uganda’s progressive farmers and together with his wife Diana practiced mixed farming for their livelihood. Their home is a great place to experience local farming while relaxing in a beautiful, tranquil setting.

The Kajugira farm was COBATI’s pioneer Farm Stay in the whole of Southwestern Uganda. In partnership with COBATI, Dick promoted the educational value of farming and better perception of rural living. As a tribute to Dick’s contribution to the development of farm-tourism, we share a review from a tourist from Poland who experienced the integration of agriculture, tourism and rural hospitality at Dick Kajugira’s farm at Biharwe in Mbarara District.


When it comes to stay at Dick and Diana’s place it was great! I really appreciated this moment of peaceful relax I could have at their place – and wonderful breakfasts!

To Dick’s surprise I was most enthusiastic about mangos and pineapples! It was the first time I saw how they grow… believe me, it’s really not obvious for people like me (or my friends who have never been to Africa – they were surprised too!!).

If I were to improve something, then maybe I would like to try do the bead necklace myself with Diana’s help, not just watching the way she beautifully does it.

Oh! When I was at their place there was a tremendous thunderstorm! It was amazing and I was so afraid!! But it was nice to sit with everyone in the living room in the darkness by the light of everyone’s mobile phones and listen to the noises of the rain and thunders!

I am really glad I had this opportunity.”

– Zuzanna Naruszewicz

Our thoughts and prayers are with Diana and the family. May Dick’s soul rest in eternal peace.