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Visit to a Village Pre-Nursery

I had planned to visit Mediina’s pre-nursery for some time, but was delayed due to ongoing construction on Bombo road. I arrived when school was breaking off, but Mediina kept everyone over and I was able to interact with the kids and their teachers.

Whenever I visit a homestead in the community, I carry some groceries for them. This is a result of my upbringing from the many trips with my mother who, as a wife of a local clergyman, visited and shared food with the community as she supported my father in doing what was known as pastoral work. Among the groceries I carried for Mediina was a family-size loaf of bread. As they children were about to leave, I presented Mediina with her grocery bag and what happened next brought tears to my eyes. Mediina decided to share the one loaf with the entire school of over 30 children because they were hungry! She took the loaf, got two pieces from each slice, and gave one to each child. I stood still watching Mediina, the kids, and the pieces of bread – and that moment will forever be embedded in my heart! To see how something little which most of us take for granted, and sometimes waste, can mean so much for so many who are unfortunately wrapped up in need.

The experience was a game-changer for me. It made me more resolved to continue doing what I do through COBATI. Hopefully, with little support, those children can be uplifted to experience a better learning environment and Mediina can continue making a difference in her community.

Mediina Pre-Nursery
Mediina Pre-Nursery

The majority of the mothers of those pre-nursery children are members of the weaving group which COBATI and MTN Foundation support. Our goal is to elevate their handcraft sales from subsistence production to export level, as crafts are their only means to earn a livelihood for the community. The income is much needed do provide vital services like the safe delivery of babies, school meals, and more.

There are many ways that you can help communities in Uganda.

  • Visit – Come for a day tour of Bombo Village: visit the pre-nursery and meet Mediina, the children, and teachers; and experience Nubian culture.
  • Volunteer – When you visit, volunteer to help out at the pre-nursery. If you can’t visit, we also have virtual volunteer opportunities for designers, marketing leaders, and more.
  • Donate toys, books, clothes, shoes, etc. – every bit helps… Contact for information on how to send a donation.